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Horde of Plague & Warbases

By Rusty Dice Oldhammer Plaguebearers 3

I'm supposed to be doing 1 unique Nurgle model every 7 days, but as I've hinted a few times, I'm on a bit of a roll and have been painting a few more than that. The plaguebearers are pretty easy to do, so getting a unit's worth done at a pace of 1 model a week is far too slow.


Fixing Skragg and… Nurgle Tuesday

By Rusty Dice Skragg 4

As is routine, I've painted more Plaguebearers this week. Rather than leave the last model for another time, I did the remaining 4 (I've been doing 3 at a time).

Oldhammer Plaguebearers 1

This brings the Oldhammer Plaguebearer count up to 16 unique models.

Oldhammer Plaguebearers 5

I thought this was all I had from the first 2 generations, but I forgot to count the command. So, there's going to be more Plaguebearer Tuesdays, as I actually have 19 sculpts. It doesn't stop there though... I managed to acquire some of the third generation! Will it ever end? I'm just glad I'm getting things painted.


The Oldhammer plague

By Rusty Dice 2015-03-03 22.26.08

While I have some form of momentum, I'm letting it roll and keeping to painting Plaguebearers while there's still unique sculpts left in my pile.

Here's the next 3 - seemingly more appropriate for Nurgle than 1 - Plaguebearers. I now how a full command for the unit and am onto rank 3!

2015-03-03 22.25.54

2015-03-03 22.26.08


Here be Plaguebearers

By Rusty Dice 2015-02-25 00.02.33

I keep finding more of these blighters! I mentioned last week that I have 19 unique sculpts for Plaguebearers so far, so I thought I'd try and work my way through them as quickly as I can to get a full unit ready. If I get that far and haven't got bored, then I have 2-3 repeats of a lot of them and there's a third generation to dip into to round off the unit sizes.


Kings of War – Centaurs

By Neil of Orange Centaur unit 1

I've been enjoying the fresh and simple approach to fantasy wargaming that Kings of War has provided me for around a year now.  I've been slowly tweaking my army collections to take advantage of the forces available in that game, so while my undead are seeing some minor changes and options, my wood elves have been more dramatically impacted.

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