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Sculpting alien skin bases

By Rusty Dice 2014-04-14 22.03.52

I find sculpting alien bases a bit therapeutic. I've done over 25 designs for my fledgling company, Krakon Games.

2014-02-01 11.01.45

Here's a handy little tutorial showing how I go about it.

First, select a base.

2014-04-14 20.02.39

Then roll some putty - enough to cover the surface of the base with about 2mm of thickness.

2014-04-14 20.02.46


Wet your thumb and slowly push the putty into the base, right up to the edges.


Event Post : Malifaux Treasure Hunters

By Neil of Orange IMG_2217 - Copy

Neil of Orange here with a write up of my successful Malifaux event from 22/03/2014.

I was looking forward to this event as the first one since wave 2 had been made official - a lot more models were now available for my players to use.  This was however tinged by some sadness as it marks the last event I will be running in the 7th Heaven Games shop as soon they will be closing.  The club will continue in a new venue and I'll be looking to host events if enough interest continues, but its very unfortunate to lose an independent game shop.


Wargaming on a budget – report for week 3-4

By Rusty Dice 20140317_202138[1]

Continuing my budget series as laid out by wargaming to a budget and continued in weeks 1-2, here is my report for week 3-4.

I will start by announcing I purchased an Imperial Knight. At £65, this would have required at least 6 games of 40k to be played. However, I am selling my Eldar Revenant Titan for £150, so the "purchase" was budget neutral.


Masters of Malifaux

By Rusty Dice mom

Try as I might to link new players to guides and introductions, they always seem to ask a question I cannot quickly answer. So in an attempt to create a few guide articles, the first will be a catalogue of masters.

Before I delve in, I would like to bring your attention to a fantastic set of articles posted by GMorts. He is working his way through unboxing every Malifaux crew set and has written oodles of Malifaux tutorials.


Hobby Post : Painting Death Marshalls

By Neil of Orange IMG_2193

Hi, Neil of Orange here,

After getting on with some fire painting in my last post I was in the mood to do some more.  I dug out my Malifaux Death Marshalls that have been patiently waiting for their moment on the painting table.  I say waiting on the table, but really these guys are precariously balanced and spent a lot of time tumbling on to the floor.  Transporting them is going to be fun I can already tell.

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