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Here be Plaguebearers

By Rusty Dice 2015-02-25 00.02.33

I keep finding more of these blighters! I mentioned last week that I have 19 unique sculpts for Plaguebearers so far, so I thought I'd try and work my way through them as quickly as I can to get a full unit ready. If I get that far and haven't got bored, then I have 2-3 repeats of a lot of them and there's a third generation to dip into to round off the unit sizes.


Kings of War – Centaurs

By Neil of Orange Centaur unit 1

I've been enjoying the fresh and simple approach to fantasy wargaming that Kings of War has provided me for around a year now.  I've been slowly tweaking my army collections to take advantage of the forces available in that game, so while my undead are seeing some minor changes and options, my wood elves have been more dramatically impacted.


Nurgle day! More Oldhammer Plaguebears and Palanquin

By Rusty Dice Oldhammer Plaguebearers 3

It's Nurgle Tuesday and so I have painted some more unique Nurgle models. This time I'm back onto the Plaguebearers. The scheme is pretty simple, so I did another 3, bringing the total to 6 unique Plaguebearers. I have 19 different models so far, as follows:

1997 Plaguebearers

1997 Plaguebearers

2000 Plaguebearer command

2000 Plaguebearer command

The original Plaguebearers

The original Plaguebearers

There's also one later generation of metals and the current plastic ranges, but they're not on my radar yet.


Oldhammer Pestigor

By Rusty Dice oldhammer-pestigor-1

Continuing the challenge to paint something Nurgle every 7 days, I've done a tester piece for my Nurgle Beastmen - aka Pestigor. This is the first classic Beastman I've painted and it's certainly very different from the plastics. I wanted to combine rusty metals, with pale clothing and ill-looking flesh.

I quite like the idea of working reds into the low points to make it look like the skin is almost bleeding and very unhealthy. I will experiment more with this on the other Pestigors I'm collecting and hopefully have a very putrid looking group of beastmen!


Full Thrust – starting a new a game and fleet

By Neil of Orange Kik 7

I've been dabbling with some friends from my local club with the Full Thrust ruleset for space fleet scale battles.  I thought I was overdue sharing some pics of my ships and a few battles I've seen, and some commentary on the game itself for MyWargame.

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