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Age of Sigmar – Warscrolls and balance

By Rusty Dice 11018722_10154277288692316_4372417254732836739_n

The Age of Sigmar rules have spread across the Internet today. Many people became happy. Many people became confused, even angry, because it is new. New is not always good. I like new.

The rules of Age of Sigmar are just 4 pages. This sounds short. It is short, but it is a core set of rules that is quick to pick up and play. The complexity and strategy comes with the unis. Every single model in Warhammer (apparently) gets a Warscroll to show its abilities and statistics. These abilities expand upon the rules by providing extra interaction, bonuses and variation between games and armies.


The (warhammer) World is what you make of it

By Neil of Orange

So just before I came home from work today I saw a message from a friend that basically said "Space Marines in Warhammer then?"  I hadn't seen the pictures or the tidal wave of opinion and crystal ball gazing that accompanied this picture:


So while rumoured, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect nor what the reaction would be.  I also didn't expect my own reaction either.  I was angry.


Horus Heresy Space Wolves – Mk4

By Rusty Dice space wolf

Sometimes the best choice is the least likely. In avoiding picking a second legion from a big selection of favourites, I instead went for one of the least favourite, but with a challenge.

Legio VI - Space Wolves - The Sky Warriors of Russ

It took a little goading and an impulse borne of a challenge - do a legion you don't like the look of. Make them into something you do like the look of.


Warhammer 9th edition – Age of Sigmar – what does this mean for you?

By Rusty Dice age of sigmar

We don't actually know what Warhammer 9th edition will be right now. We have rumours - quite a mixed bag. We have stories from stores emptying shelves of Warhammer books. There's the usual doom prophets and knee-jerk reactions, but what does it all mean?

age of sigmar


Gamers Grass Tufts – Review

By Rusty Dice

I purchased a selection of "tufts" from Gamer's Grass a few months ago to try and spice up my desert bases. I've always been a bit wary of grass tufts after a bad experience with a crushed packet of unnatural looking grass from Army Painter.

These tufts proved to be much better and in a wide range of colours and sizes.

3e79001198716c03fa839f75ffe7f214ee996cd1_Slide 1

I first tried them on my Blight Kings and they instantly gave some life to the otherwise barren bases:

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