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Hunters of the Wild for Kings of War – Part 2

Following on from the work in progress post I have been patiently working away on painting and assembling my hunters of the wild unit.


With the bases of main dryad figures being painted in separate pieces, I stuck the dryads to corks with PVA so they were easier to handle.  These first two are painted as some form of vine, or strangling creeper plants.  These are actually my favourite two poses it turns out as I worked on the group.  The owl is from the Dryad kit, the other one I have (which I have put on my Greenwarden) is a much nicer model.

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What’s in the box? Kings of War Forces of Nature starter army

I recently received my Forces of Nature starter army as part of the Kings of War kickstarter.  When it turned up and I started looking through it, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen much in the way of pictures of the contents anywhere so I thought I’d take some picture and do some quick blue-tac assemblies of what things looked like.  The mat I’ve used it on the 1cm square side up so that’ll give you additional idea of sizes.

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Creatures of the Night

I’ve been floating around concepts and very, very slowly sculpting miniatures for a game-world concept for a couple of years now. It’s tentatively called Creatures of the Night. Sometimes I refer to it as “Mat Zemlya”, which translates to “damp mother earth.”

The underlying theme of the game is the duality of day and night, with some units changing in power and abilities as the environment alternates. The concepts are heavily drawn from Slovak mythology and folklore, though I am not going to make that a restriction on my creativity. I like all things swamp, so there’s a lot of bog-dwelling creatures involved.

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Tutorial – cork rocky bases

I’ve been using a simple and quick method for making my multibases lately that has raised a few questions as to what and how, so I thought a quick tutorial would be the best answer.

After using various expensive packaged basing materials and getting caught out when I used it all, I decided to work out my own supply.

I went to B&Q and bought a damaged sack of builder’s sand. It cost a whopping £1 and will last me years.